24 Hour Consent Materials

If you wish to obtain the state mandated 24 Hour Consent Material over the internet click here.

This will take you directly to the Introduction page of the State of Michigan website. Print the confirmation form that the state requires. PLEASE READ THE CONFIRMATION FORM COMPLETELY. The form tells you the earliest date and time an abortion can be done as well as the last date and time an abortion can be done with this form. This form is good for only two weeks. After that time, the process has to be completed all over again!

Eastland Women’s Clinic has always been a leader in the provision of abortion services, but sometimes the laws in the State of Michigan require us to impose restrictions over which we have no control. This is one of those times. We apologize for any difficulties this may cause our patients.

You can still come in and pick up your 24 hour consent materials or have them faxed to you, but…

Michigan law now requires anyone wishing to receive the state mandated 24 hour consent material over the internet to go to the State website to review the material. At the end of the website, you MUST print out a confirmation form.

This form will have the date and time the website was accessed.
This confirmation form must be presented at the physician’s office prior to an abortion.

Call Eastland Women’s Clinic at (586) 774-4190 or your healthcare provider – they will determine your probable gestational age. You will need that information later when you use the state website.