Frequently Asked Questions

Eastland Women’s Clinic provides high-quality medical care, including pregnancy termination, with compassion and confidentiality.

Our clinic is certified by the National Abortion Federation. Our medical director is a physician who has performed abortions for over 30 years. Our staff has extensive experience with surgical and medical abortions, many types of contraception, and testing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Abortion

Can my partner come in during the abortion?
Your partner/support person cannot be with you through the abortion process or recovery area for the privacy of other patients. Only in the waiting area.

What should I expect after my abortion?
You will experience some cramping and bleeding. We will give you all the necessary medications and instructions to be comfortable and well informed.

When should I return for a check up?
After 2 weeks, but we are happy to see you sooner if you are concerned.

Does the abortion hurt?
The surgical abortion can cause some pressure or menstrual type cramping for the few minutes of the procedure. We do offer different types of sedation for your comfort.

Is abortion safe?
Surgical abortion is considered one of the safest procedures in the country.

Will a doctor be able to tell I’ve had an abortion?
No, but it is part of your medical history your health care provider should know.

Will I be able to get pregnant if I’ve had an abortion?
Yes, most research shows that an uncomplicated abortion should not have any effect on future pregnancies.

When can I start birth control pills after my abortion?
Right after the abortion. We will discuss with you in counseling and review all birth control options.

How long will I be at the clinic for my abortion?
Depending on the service and your personal needs it may be 2-6 hours.

I’m not sure if abortion is right for me, can I talk to someone?
Absolutely, we have counselors and nurses available to talk with you and provide any necessary resources to help you.